The 297 is a product development and investment holding company that specialises in.

· Developing and taking to market technologies with use cases for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Operations

·Investing in companies offering related technologies.
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We focus on generating business value in areas of strong competence for us, such as Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Operations, by creating technological solutions to increase efficiency, throughput and output while reducing costs. We may also opportunistically invest in select high potential areas where we have identified opportunities. Our goal is to start a business, scale it to profitability and to then sell the business. Capital thereby generated is used to incubate new businesses.
We invest in standalone companies that we have created or have equity stakes in others in related areas. The former type, we provide group expertise in operations, product development, finance, HR and legal. For the later, we offer connections, guidance and coaching support as required. Our focus is B2B, with the exception of our property business. Portfolio companies typically leverage data and AI to offer subscription based products directly to customers or indirectly through specialist partners.
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BNZSA investment group s.l.